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Early morning dew on a Dragonfly 

Dexter's Rowboat

A graceful Tern

A sky worth getting up early to see

Celebratory Gulls

A pair of Mussel shells

All the apples you can eat for a buck

Dexter's rowboat high and dry

Pinky the Highland Cow

Red Admiral butterfly on a wild flower

A sunlit poppy

A Semi-palmated Plover (semi-palmated means having partially webbed feet)

Sunrise over Southeast Cove

Sunset and an old dory at Northwest Cove

Hermit crabs making a brief appearance

A Great Blue Heron fishing in the shallow water

A colourful heap rope & a buoy

A flock of European Starlings

A curious snail

Sunrise as the crow flies

Water lily

Dew drop poppy

Tree Swallow nestlings

A Green Crab posing at low tide

Breakers rolling in by Clayton's Beach

A Minke whale at sundown

A delicate feather against an orange sky