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           Wishing Stones Studio & Gallery is located at 151 Southeast Cove Road on Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia.  

            Open seasonally (May through October) and found in the building that was once Tancook’s old-fashioned general store, Wishing Stones is an interesting and unique place to visit if you are exploring this beautiful little island.

          At Wishing Stones you will find a gallery of nature photography, a lending library, a fun and games room and the relocated Tancook Island Museum.

What is a wishing stone?

     A wishing stone is a magical stone or pebble that is found on the seashore and has a white quartz ring on it somewhere. The ring must be complete with no breaks or pauses in the circle it forms. The ring can be crossed by other rings, but must have no beginning and no end in order for the magic to work.  When you find a wishing stone:      

                  ~ stand by the waters edge

                            ~ hold it in your hand

                                    ~ close your eyes and make a silent wish

       Once you’ve made a wish, throw the stone as far into the sea as you can…  

                                    …may all your wishes come true!

                             Contact Wishing Stones Studio & Gallery

          Phone: (902) 228-2655  or  Email: wishingstonesgallery@gmail.com

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